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jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

Traditional festivities in Vegadeo

Work made by Isabel Cardín and Iratxe Pulgar

Luanco Summer Carnival

Work made by Pablo Álvarez and Orencio Grela

Natural park of Somiedo

Work made by Nagore Álvarez, Isabel Cardín and Sira Fernández

Avilés carnival

Work made by Celia and Inés

Asturian beaches

Work made by Celia Martín and Inés Pereda

Picos de Europa, National Park

Work made by Javier and Jorge

East coast rivers of Asturias

Work made by Paula Gamonal and Lourdes Fernández

Las Bruxas

Work made by Paula Gamonal and Lourdes Férnandez

Rivers of Asturias

Work made by Paula and Laura

San Mateo

Work made by Ignacio and Jaime

Redes natural park

Work made by Ignacio Álvarez and Manuel Lopez

Rodiles beach

Work made by Rubén Pastor and Carlos Rovés

Ubiña's natural park

Asturian Culture